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What is considered Art here?

2010-11-03 01:35:22 by Personplacething

What is considered art here? Although I'm pretty sure no one is going to read this, I still want to put this out to everyone to see who might answer my question. Does this count or does it have to be hand-drawn?

P.S. It's probably only a fragment of the actual thing because of size issues.

What is considered Art here?


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2010-11-03 01:43:02

i dont think it has to be hand drawn. but get the opinion of an expert (not me). sry not very helpful am i?

(Updated ) Personplacething responds:

No, it's fine. I'm just glad someone looked at this and said something. Did you like the picture?


2010-11-08 11:48:05

Hey man,

This is definitely regarded as (modern) art. I looked at the other pictures you made, and I must say, I really like them. There's something mysterious about them, but it's just in the right amount. Good job!

By the way, what software did you use to make this?

Keep up the good work and I'd like to see more from you in the future ;)


Personplacething responds:

Lol thanks. I really like your music too, keep at THAT! :D

I used a freeware (I know, I know, I don't have any money T.T) program called Apophysis. It draws fractal flames derived from an algorithm that I still have to figure out, but in the meantime, I can make pretty pictures out of it! :D

Thanks for the comment, and I hope some other people see this too. :D


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